Aligned at the point  biology, technology, and data intersect to deliver better Brain + Body™ outcomes.

Everybody moves.

TRAZER makes every body move better.

TIA - JR Medicine Ball lunge


Designed for injury recovery, injury prevention, and enhancing performance, TRAZER aligns perfectly at the point where biology, technology, and data intersect to track, measure, and enhance physical and cognitive function.

Trazer Inc. developed a multi-patented portfolio of technology designed to improve mobility, prevent injury, enhance performance, and strengthen the Brain + Body™️ connection regardless of age or level of physical capability.

Everybody moves. With applications across the continuum of human movement, TRAZER is used in healthcare, prosthetics and orthotics, senior care, sports, and wellness to help every body move better.

Some Intresting Facts

Dynamic Movement 2
100 +
Reaction-based Activities
1 M+
Completed Testing Activities
100 M+
Data points tracked per session from 32 point on the body.


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