Learn How You Can Leverage TRAZER for Better Outcomes


          Increase Patient Engagement and Reduce Self-Discharge

          20% of new patients self-discharge within the first 3 visits. TRAZER keeps patients of all ages and levels of capability engaged with immersive simulation and reaction-based challenges. Immediate post-activity on-screen reporting shows them exactly how they're doing and keeps them coming back!

          Increase Cash-Based Patients

          TRAZER activities are based on every possible movement and movement combination a human body can make in sports and life. With Evaluation – Intervention – Re-evaluation built-in, TRAZER allows you to do outreach into your community and offer athletes and weekend warriors pre-, during, and post-season or injury assessments to establish performance baseline and benchmarks. Reach out to seniors for Fall Risk Assessment. TRAZER offers a protocol ready solution for outreach to drive more cash-based patients to your practice.

          Easily Justify the Need for Continued Skilled Therapy
          • Justify the need for continued skilled therapy through objective PROOF
            • Deficits in speed, acceleration, deceleration and reaction time
            • Deficits in kinematics 
            • Asymmetries in movement metrics and reaction time and speed ALSO illustrate progression and degradation over time
          • Validate patients continuing to make gains
          • Validates that patient will regress if they discontinue therapy
          • Utilizes change of surface – transitions
          Deliver Better Outcomes to Patients

          Better Outcomes means your patients rehabilitate stronger and comprehensively as TRAZER strengthens not only the body, but also the connection between the brain + body. Immediate post-activity feedback allows Users to see and track progress. Immersive simulation provides engaging and entertaining sessions that motivate them to work harder and longer. From 5 to 105, TRAZER users enjoy using the system.

          Mitigate Risk of Injury or Poor Performance

          Identify Risk of Injury or Poor Performance & Mitigate Risk Early

          TRAZER features a high-powered depth-sending camera that tracks 32 key movement points on the body to capture hundreds of thousands of data points at 30 frames per second (fps) to capture what the naked can't.

          An ideal solution for sports, TRAZER tracks performance metrics on Dual Tasking, Dynamic Reaction Time with and without cognitive challenges, as well as Deceleration and Change of Direction - metrics key to both performance enhancement and injury prevention.

          Measure What Matters

          Capture, measure, and track movement and cognitive function over time.

          • Acceleration | Deceleration
          • Reaction Time to Visual Cues
          • Sway (Balance)
          • Dynamic Reaction Time
          • Kinematic Joint Angles
          • Multi-directional Asymmetries
          • Progression | Degradation
          • Heart Rate
          • Speed & Distance Traveled
          • Targets Hit
          Extend Careers & Improve Post-Career Health

          TRAZER gives sports medicine and performance professionals the power to positively impact athletic careers and post-play life.

          Identify weaknesses in the brain, body, and brain + body connection to strengthen and enhance performance. Injury prevention and strengthening of core performance metrics and areas of improvement lead to improved results, less injuries, better return to play decisions and healthier foundation for short and long term.



          Deliver Better Outcomes to Athletes

          Injury-specific recovery Activities are tailored for use throughout the steps of Rehab Progression for Concussion, Knee (including ACL, MCL and other knee injuries), Foot (including Ankle sprains and other foot injuries), groin, hip, and shoulder injuries.

          TRAZER takes athletes from injury back to the field through immediate post-injury rehab, progression to functional use including position-specific rehab, progression to game speed and change of direction, assessment for return-to-play, and ongoing performance enhancement.

          TRAZER is the only sports performance technology leveraging a breadth and depth of activities and data to return athletes to play stronger.

          Reduce Falls and Decrease the Risk for Falls

          There are over 36 Million falls in adults older than 65, with over 8 Million Injuries and 3 Million Emergency Room visits every year, and the demographics of seniors turning 65 is growing dramatically over the next 10-20 years.

          TRAZER has been proven to reduce falls by 36%. Using TRAZER 1-2 times per week over a 5.5-week seniors participating in a test experienced a 50+% increase in mobility metrics such as gait speed, acceleration,  and deceleration.  Download the White Paper.

          Less falls mean better outcomes.

          Better outcomes for seniors can mean enhanced quality of life and improved longevity.

          Better outcomes for senior facilities mean even better care and reduced costs.

          Improve Quality of Movement

          Multidirectional reactive based activities train the senior to move better, stop better and strengthen the brain + body.

          In a recent study, TRAZER was used to improve gait speed, acceleration, and deceleration by more than 50%. Reaction times also improved by over 25%.

          Improved mobility lowers falls and increases independence which affects the whole community and improves revenues while lowering the cost of care.

          Download the White Paper and see how TRAZER helps seniors move better.

          Cognitive + Physical Assessment & Training

          Whether a senior can only reach from a seated position or only take one step safely, TRAZER immerses them into reaction-based activities that challenge their vision, brain, and body simultaneously creating a holistic measurement of cognitive and physical function.

          TRAZER for Senior Care sm-2

          Leveraging TRAZER to train neuromechanical movement and function improves not just mobility, but also activities of daily living (ADLs). Improvements in the efficiency of care occur as ADLs improve.

          Watch TRAZER for Seniors to see how they interact.

          TRAZER keeps seniors engaged so they work harder, recover faster, get stronger, and maintain mobility independence.

          Deliver Better Outcomes to Seniors

          Improving Mobility, Cognitive Health, and lowering the risk of falls all lead to more independence for the senior, greater confidence in doing the things they like to do, and improves the community through fewer fall incidents and more engagement of the population.

          Promoting a Senior Living or Skilled Nursing Facility is easier when ratings are good, falls and risk of falls are decreased, and better outcomes are achieved for everyone.

          TRAZER helps engage extended family as well since they can see objective results of their parents and grandparents backing up the value and quality of care.