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Reduce Self-Discharge & Increase Compliance

20% of new patients self-discharge within the first 3 visits. TRAZER keeps patients of all ages and levels of capability engaged with immersive simulation and reaction-based challenges. Immediate post-activity on-screen reporting shows them exactly how they're doing and keeps them coming back!

Increase Cash-Based Patients

TRAZER activities are based on every possible movement and movement combination a human body can make in sports and life. With Evaluation – Intervention – Re-evaluation built-in, TRAZER allows you to do outreach into your community and offer athletes and weekend warriors pre-, during, and post-season or injury assessments to establish performance baseline and benchmarks. Reach out to seniors for Fall Risk Assessment. TRAZER offers a protocol ready solution for outreach to drive more cash-based patients to your practice.

Easily Justify the Need for Continued Skilled Therapy
  • Justify the need for continued skilled therapy through objective PROOF
    • Deficits in speed, acceleration, deceleration and reaction time
    • Deficits in kinematics 
    • Asymmetries in movement metrics and reaction time and speed ALSO illustrate progression and degradation over time
  • Validate patients continuing to make gains
  • Validates that patient will regress if they discontinue therapy
  • Utilizes change of surface – transitions
Deliver Better Outcomes to Patients

Better Outcomes means your patients rehabilitate stronger and comprehensively as TRAZER strengthens not only the body, but also the connection between the brain + body. Immediate post-activity feedback allows Users to see and track progress. Immersive simulation provides engaging and entertaining sessions that motivate them to work harder and longer. From 5 to 105, TRAZER users enjoy using the system.

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