TRAZER for Sports Rehab & Performance

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          Mitigate Risk of Injury or Poor Performance

          Identify Risk of Injury or Poor Performance & Mitigate Risk Early

          TRAZER features a high-powered depth-sensing camera that tracks 32 key movement points on the body to capture hundreds of thousands of data points at 30 frames per second (fps) to capture what the naked can't.

          An ideal solution for sports, TRAZER tracks performance metrics on Dual-Tasking, Dynamic Reaction Time with and without cognitive challenges, as well as Deceleration and Change of Direction - metrics key to both performance enhancement and injury prevention.

          Measure What Matters

          Capture, measure, and track movement and cognitive function over time.

          • Acceleration | Deceleration
          • Reaction Time to Visual Cues
          • Sway (Balance)
          • Dynamic Reaction Time
          • Kinematic Joint Angles
          • Multi-directional Asymmetries
          • Progression | Degradation
          • Heart Rate
          • Speed & Distance Traveled
          • Targets Hit
          Extend Careers & Improve Post-Career Health

          TRAZER gives sports medicine and performance professionals the power to positively impact athletic careers and post-play life.

          Identify weaknesses in the brain, body, and Brain + Body connection to strengthen and enhance performance. Injury prevention and strengthening of core performance metrics and areas of improvement lead to improved results, less injuries, better return to play decisions and healthier foundation for short and long term.



          Deliver Better Brain + Body Outcomes to Athletes

          Injury-specific recovery Activities are tailored for use throughout the steps of Rehab Progression for Concussion, Knee (including ACL, MCL and other knee injuries), Foot (including Ankle sprains and other foot injuries), groin, hip, and shoulder injuries.

          TRAZER takes athletes from injury back to the field through immediate post-injury rehab, progression to functional use including position-specific rehab, progression to game speed and change of direction, assessment for return-to-play, and ongoing performance enhancement.

          TRAZER is the only sports performance technology leveraging a breadth and depth of activities and data to return athletes to play stronger.

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