TRAZER and the YMCA are aligned in our commitment to helping communities learn, grow, and thrive. The Y-TRAZER Program was designed to make cutting-edge technology accessible to YMCAs and communities nationwide.

Learn how you can contribute and impact your community in 360°.

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The Y-TRAZER Program

YMCA + TRAZER = 360° Community Impact

Aligned perfectly at the point where biology, technology, and data intersect, TRAZER combines immersive simulation and reaction-based challenges to strengthen the Brain + Body™️ connection. Designed for performance enhancement, injury recovery, and injury prevention, TRAZER makes fitness fun and serves as an early alert system for Seniors, Student Athletes, Weekend Warriors, and everybody that moves. 

From 5 to 105 TRAZER makes every body move better.

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Unique Technology
TRAZER is the only technology of its kind with the power to improve physical and cognitive performance.
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Athletic Assessments
Athletic Performance
TRAZER captures weaknesses that the naked eye can't to improve performance and help reduce the risk of injury.
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Community Outreach
Community Outreach
TRAZER helps every body move better. The System can be used for outreach to seniors, veterans, or people with special needs.
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Value for Communities

TRAZER creates opportunities for Community Outreach Events that provide a valuable service with meaningful and actionable data to help communities stay healthy, strong, and safe.

TRAZER identifies deficits in movement and cognitive function that can lead to injury or poor athletic performance.

Value for Fitness

TRAZER game-like Activities keep users engaged, working harder and longer with Workouts, Drills, and Games that provide immediate post-activity feedback and valuable information on their movement and cognitive function.

Unique and multi-purpose, TRAZER motivates users with comprehensive, tracking, reporting and feedback for better (smarter) training.

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Value for Seniors

TRAZER not only identifies areas of weakness in balance, movement, and reaction time - key in preventing falls - TRAZER also features Activities designed to strengthen deficits to help seniors perform the activities of daily living and maintain functional independence.

TRAZER has been proven to reduce falls in seniors by 36%; click below to download the Study.

Value for the YMCA

Supporting your local YMCA (whether with or without TRAZER) helps support the valuable work they do, such as Education and Employment Training | Addiction Counseling Services | Head Start Programs | Programs for People with Disabilities | and so much more.

Supporting the YMCA with TRAZER provides additional opportunities for Branches to generate revenue to support their many programs as well provide valuable services to their Members and Communities.

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Turnkey Opportunity

The Trazer Inc. Mission is to make TRAZER® available wherever people move to improve mobility, reduce injury, and strengthen the Brain + Body™ connection for better physical and cognitive performance regardless of age or level of physical capability.

Working with the YMCA and sponsors committed to improving health and wellness in their communities, we can achieve our Mission.     

TRAZER is a technology partner to YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region and is extending the same program and support to YMCAs nationwide. 100% of proceeds go to benefit YMCA Branches.

                     Working together, everybody wins ... and moves.

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Boyd Williams

TRAZER aligns with our mission to serve the diverse populations within our communities and make real impact.  TRAZER activities make working out fun for kids, seniors, and elite athletes alike. TRAZER gives us the ability to do outreach throughout our communities to offer fall risk assessments or pre-season assessments for sports teams. More importantly, it adds a very unique opportunity for our Members.

Boyd Williams
President & CEO | Pikes Peak Region